Kilometers Products

Long-Life Fixed Device

Kilo Trailer Unit

Monitor your mobile and or static assets without worrying about having a power source to connect device to or having to recharge the device, with a KILO trailer unit. This device is fixed onto the asset for example a trailer, generator etc. The unit has up to 24 month’s battery life(dependant on mode, position and usage).

Technical Specifications
Dimensions Trailer Unit
170mm x 60mm x 70mm
Casing High Impact Plastic
Splash Proof
Battery Type Lithium D Cell x 4
Battery Capacity 14 x 18Amp
Battery Life Around 3 600 Hours of constant tracking
GPS Leadtek
Sim-Card Vodacom pre-paid
Communication Protocol GSM/GPRS modem
Modem memory capacity More than 10 000 packets of 6 positions each

Some Unique Features:

  • Robust and weatherproof
  • No charging required
  • Fixed to asset permanently
  • 24 hour test alert availiable for static assets
  • "Left Waypoint" alert for static or moving assets

Applications the Long-Life can be used for:

  • Asset management – Earth-moving equipment, plant hire
  • Static assets - generators
  • Mobile asset tracking - trailers