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Guard Pouch & KILO Long-Life


Technical Specifications
Dimensions Splash Proof Casings
140mm x 950mm x 450mm
Guard Pouch
120mm x 60mm x 70mm
Guard Baton
450cm in Diameter x 560mm Long
Casing High Impact Plastic
Splash Proof
Battery Type Lithium D Cell x 4
Battery Capacity 14 x 18Amp
Battery Life Around 3 600 Hours of constant tracking
GPS Leadtek
Sim-Card Vodacom pre-paid
Communication Protocol GSM/GPRS modem
Modem memory capacity More than 10 000 packets of 6 positions each

Some Unique Features:

  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Up to 8 clock points on the unit itself
  • Endless amount of waypoints can be set on the software “Out Of Area” warning
  • No hardware to be installed at clock points (GPS controlled)
  • Clock points configurable from User Software Mapping Interface and no limit on number of points created
  • SMS or e-mail alerts on failed patrol and no movement for set time parameters
  • Exact patrol routes, distance and hours patrolled
  • Maps and replays of patrols
  • Works anywhere in the world with GSM/GPRS coverage
  • No charging required
  • Flat Battery Early warning via SMS or Email
  • Panic Button
  • NO installation required
  • 12 months hardware warrantee