Kilometers Products


A solution based approach to tracking & monitoring

The Kilometers Solution is a fleet, personnel and asset management system that uses the latest in GPS & GPRS technology to enable you to track & monitor your fleets, personnel, mobile & static assets. The KILOMETERS system has been developed with both cost efficiency and total client control in mind, providing peace of mind around the clock!

How does it work?


The GPS (Global Positioning System) employed uses the latest in GPS technology. This technology delivers maximum positional data at the minimum power consumption. Its function is to lock onto the GPS satellites and supply the microprocessor with a steady stream of accurate positional data that includes BEARING –the direction the unit is moving in, SPEED –the speed the unit is moving in and the exact Latitude and Longitude of the KILO unit.


The microprocessor is a TEXAS INSTRUMENTS device that is capable of running powerful programmes and is used as the “BRAIN” of the KILO unit. It receives the information from and manages the GPS and Cellular Modem. The POWER CONSUMPTION of the KIILO unit is constantly monitored by the PROCESSOR and is continuously adjusted to ensure the maximum BATTERY life between charging is obtained.


The cellular modem is a GSM/GPRS device chosen for its proven reliability and low power consumption. It is controlled by the PROCESSOR and sends and receives information from and to the rest of the system via the GSM/GPRS network.


KILO products need a GSM/GPRS cellular SIM card in order to communicate with the web interface and the user. A PRE PAID card, loaded with R 100.00 worth of airtime is included in the purchase price. The R100 airtime should be adequate for 24 months of normal use in the default configuration. The SIM card detail is available on the customer login site and can be recharged at any time using any Pre Paid Top Up facility should this be required.


The unit has an internal vibration sensor that will sense when a vehicle is moving or standing still. Instead of connecting to the ignition wire (this option is available for special installations) of the vehicle, the vibration sensor senses movement to indicate the “Ignition On” status. Only the positive and negative wires of the unit (Zz Track) needs to be connected to the permanent power of the vehicle. This makes for an easy installation and limits possible faults to two wires! When the vehicle is stationary or in the “Ignition Off” mode, the vibration sensor will double as an alarm when the vehicle is tampered with or broken into.