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Fleet Management

Specific day-to-day challenges confronting fleet and vehicle asset managers:

  • Personnel management
  • Cost management
  • Implementation management
  • Contract management (service level agreements)
  • Vehicle and mobile asset abuse

What KILO can offer you:

  • Your company can be more efficient, directing the closest driver to a delivery or technician to a client, providing instant accountability
  • You will know where your vehicles are stopping, reducing and eliminating illegal stops
  • Speed behaviour and kilometres travelled can be reported on
  • By making use of the mobile waypoint or geofence functions on the software you can also ensure that your vehicles/fleet avoid certain areas or stay in certain areas
  • The software allows the client to view all REPLAYS and REPORTS real-time for up to 3 months. Historical information is archived and available on request
  • A variety of reports can be generated. For you convience automated, scheduled reports can also be set up. These include:
    • Automated Logbook
    • Business Trips
    • Private Trips
    • Driver Behaviour
    • Exception Reports
    • Geofence Reports
    • GSM Account Balances
    • Trip Summary
    • Unit Lists
    • Unit Trips
    • Unit Usage

Products Best suited for this solution

Zz-Track Fixed Device
Kilo Handheld Tracking Device

Personnel Management

KILO for your Personnel

Do you know where your sales consultants/technicians are during business hours? Do you have any proof of the number of clients visited on a daily basis and time spent at each client?

Why KILO for your personnel?

  • Can lead to reduction in travel claims
  • Becomes a management tool – assisting in updating & maintaining your client database
  • Saves valuable time, reducing hand-over’s to the next sales representative, a list of GPS co-ordinates can be printed and routes can be created to assist the new rep
  • KILO is beneficial to the sales representative, if using a private vehicle, in completing the SARS logbook
  • Email or SMS alerts to notify the sales consultant and manager on ‘Low Voltage’
  • Kilo can be used to assess the routes taken by sales consultants as well as time spent per client – Time spent at client VS Sales effect
  • Management tool to assist in assessing members of staff who are not performing and require additional training.
  • KILO has a PANIC BUTTON for security

Products Best suited for this solution

Zz-Track Fixed Device
Kilo Handheld Tracking Device

Guard Monitoring

The KILO guard monitoring devices were specially developed for cost effective and easy monitoring and reporting of Guard Activity or patrolling.

Products best suited for this solution

KILO Portable units - both slimline and extended battery units
Long life units


This solution offers monitoring and protection of containers, generators, earth moving equipment and trailers. The units are set in 'power save mode' which means that minimal battery life and airtime is used.

Products best suited for this solution

Long life KILO units
Long life KILO Trailer unit



  • Looking out for your loved ones!
  • Your teenager out for the night with his/her first car?
  • Grandma at the old age home?
  • School children walking home alone?
  • KILOMETERS gives you the function to quickly check the latest position via our mobi site or receive a sms when the PANIC button is pressed!

Products Best suited for this solution

Zz-Track Fixed Device
Kilo Handheld Tracking Device

KILO for your SARS Logbook

SARS allows taxpayers who receive a travel allowance to claim a deduction for the use of their private vehicle for business purposes. To claim a deduction the vehicles starting odometer reading must be recorded and a logbook must be completed.

KILO brings you an AUTOMATED logbook!

  • KILO automatically records your mileage which will save valuable time when completing your annual tax returns
  • KILO presents The Automated logbook or The Basic logbook feature.
  • Scheduled reports can be sent via email monthly, weekly or for a specified period.
  • The Basic logbook feature comes with the package when you purchase any KILO product.
  • For an additional cost you can have the Automated KILO Logbook which automatically works out your business and private kilometers traveled

Using KILO for your SARS Log Book

  • By using our Basic Logbook feature, (software has a Trip Editor function) you can select the trips made for business purposes and private with a click of your mouse!
  • Select the Reports option, the period you require and select execute. A report will be generated which can be printed and/or saved for your SARS logbook.
  • The information on the reports generated is auditable information!
  • It’s accessible anywhere in the world as our software is internet based!

KILO is your solution for your annul tax claims for travel

Products best suited for this solution

KILO Portable units - both slimline and extended battery units
Zz-Track Fixed Device


Track your performance in a number of different recreational activities such as:

  • Aviation, including flight schools, recreational microlighting, aircraft owners, etc
  • Marathon runners
  • Rallies
  • Yachting
  • Flight school
  • Cycling: security and races

Products best suited for this solution

Kilo Portable Units - both Slimline and Extended Battery Units