Kilometers Products

Zz-Track Fixed Tracking Device

Fleet Management

Monitor your company vehicles 24 hours a day. Get information such as kilometres travelled between destinations & pin point your drivers / reps exact position at any given time. This device doubles as a car alarm if you choose to connect a siren and also offers a full Driver ID system using DALLAS tags.

Includes a back up battery with up to 25 hours continuous tracking should the device be disconnected.


Technical Specifications
Dimensions Box
110mm x 70mm x 35mm
GPS inside of box, no external GPS antenna
Harness Positive and negative for connection to power source(12V or 24V)
Casing IP65
High Impact Plastic
Splash Proof
Battery Type Lithium Polamer
Battery Capacity 1 x 1.1050mAmp
Battery Life 12 Hours of continuous tracking
GPS Leadtek
Sim-Card Vodacom pre-paid
Communication Protocol GSM/GPRS modem
Modem memory capacity More than 10 000 packets of 6 positions each

Some Unique Features:

  • Back-up battery
  • Panic button
  • Optional Driver ID system- AARTO
  • Alarm system can be connected to Zz track
  • Over speeding alerts
  • Can detect reckless driving example harsh braking, harsh acceleration
  • Alert notification for battery disconnect i.e. tampering with unit

Applications the Zz-Track can be used for:

  • SARS Logbook
  • Personnel management – sales consultants, technicians, drivers
  • Fleet management – buses, taxis, tow trucks, trucks, pool vehicles
  • Pool vehicles
  • Armed response vehicles
  • Asset tracking